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This report is extracted from the 1000 Section (Confirmed Newspaper Indexes) of the 1979-1980 Edition of LATHROP REPORT ON NEWSPAPER INDEXES: An illustrated guide to published and unpublished newspaper indexes in the United States and Canada.   Either a compiler, publisher or repository had confirmed the existance of this index and supplied information for the report. See the INTRODUCTION for the methodology used in compiling the LATHROP REPORT.

REPORT NO:  1001A Previous Report (1000A)  |  Next Report (1002A)
INDEX NAME:  Alternative Press Index
  • THE ADVOCATE Los Angeles CA 1970-Current
  • AKWESASNE NOTES Rooseveltown NY 1971-Current
  • APPLESAUCE Amherst MA 1975-Current
  • BLACK PANTHER Oakland CA 1969-Current
  • BODY POLITIC Toronto ONT 1971-Current
  • CHUTZPAH Chicago IL 1975-Current
  • CLARIDAD New York NY 1970-Current
  • COMMON SENSE San Francisco CA 1975-Current
  • DC GAZETTE Washington DC 1971-Current
  • EAST BAY VOICE San Francisco CA 1976-Current
  • THE ELEMENTS Washington DC 1975-Current
  • FAG RAG Boston MA 1971-Current
  • FIFTH ESTATE Detroit MI 1969-Current
  • EL GALLO Denver CO 1974-Current
  • GAY LIBERATOR Detroit MI 1974-1976
  • GAY SUNSHINE San Francisco CA 1971-Current
  • GREAT SPECKLED BIRD Atlanta GA 1970-Current
  • GREEN REVOLUTION York PA 1971-Current
  • GUARDIAN New York NY 1969-Current
  • HERSELF Ann Arbor MI 1974-Current
  • IN THESE TIMES Chicago IL 1976-Current
  • INDUSTRIAL WORKER Detroit MI 1975-Current
  • LABOR TODAY Chicago IL 1974-Current
  • MADNESS NETWORK NEWS San Francisco CA 1974-Current
  • MAJORITY REPORT New York NY 1974-Current
  • THE MILITANT New York NY 1970-Current
  • NORTHWEST PASSAGE Bellingham WA 1970-Current
  • OFF OUR BACKS Washington DC 1970-Current
  • PEOPLE'S WORLD Berkeley CA 1970-Current
  • PEACE NEWS ? ENGLAND 1969-Current
  • PORTLAND SCRIBE Portland OR 1974-Current
  • SISTER Hollywood CA 1975-Current
  • STAND UP Eugene OR 1975-Current
  • THE SUN Detroit MI 1971-1976
  • TAKEOVER Madison WI 1971-Current
  • WORKER'S POWER Detroit MI 1970-Current
  • WORKER'S WORLD New York NY 1974-Current
  • YIPSTER TIMES New York NY 1976-Current
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Baltimore MD 21218
Telephone: (301) 243-2471
AVAILABILITY:  Subscriptions to the index are available from the Alternative Press Center. One thousand copies of each issue are produced. A subscription for one volume (four quarterly issues) is $60 for libraries, $25 for high schools and movement groups and $15 for individuals.
SCOPE OF INDEX:  The index includes about 150 alternative and radical newspapers, magazines and journals which cover such topics as alternative lifestyles, black liberation, native Americans, socialism, third world movements and the women's liberation movement. Articles are indexed by subject and the subject categories are constantly updated to make sure that the index is appropriate to its subject matter. The index also uses form headings, including BIBLIOGRAPHY, BIOGRAPHY, DIARIES (MEMOIRS), DIRECTORIES, INDEXES, INTERVIEWS, OBITUARIES and SPEECHES. Also indexed are art reviews, dance reviews, pamphlet reviews, musical production reviews, theater reviews, book reviews, film reviews and record reviews. The subject heading POETRY is used for articles about poetry while actual poetry is listed under POEMS. Short stories, fantasies and other samples of writing are indexed under FICTION. Literary criticism is also indexed.
FORMAT OF INDEX:  The index is an 8½x11-inch paperback book, issued quarterly, with each issue running about 100 pages. Text is photo reduction of computer printout. An entry conveys the title or abbreviated title of the article, the author, the name of the periodical, volume and/or issue number, page number and the date of the periodical indexed. Articles are listed primarily by subject under the most specific heading available. Many proper names are used as subject headings. Proper names double as author headings. Articles are arranged chronologically under all subject headings except BOOK REVIEWS, FILM REVIEWS, POEMS and RECORD REVIEWS. Letter codes indicate the names of various news services. Codes also indicate if an article is written in Spanish or French.
SIZE OF INDEX:  Average of 7,000 entries per quarterly issue.
1. A review, Library Journal, Nov 1 1970, p 3753.
2. A reply to the review, Library Journal, Jan 1 1971, p 55.
SAMPLE ILLUSTRATION:  A page from the first quarter 1974 index.
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