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This report is extracted from the 1000 Section (Confirmed Newspaper Indexes) of the 1979-1980 Edition of LATHROP REPORT ON NEWSPAPER INDEXES: An illustrated guide to published and unpublished newspaper indexes in the United States and Canada.   Either a compiler, publisher or repository had confirmed the existance of this index and supplied information for the report. See the INTRODUCTION for the methodology used in compiling the LATHROP REPORT.

REPORT NO:  1036A Previous Report (1035A)  |  Next Report (1037A)
INDEX NAME:  California News Index
  • LOS ANGELES TIMES Los Angeles CA 1970(Jul)-1975
  • SACRAMENTO BEE Sacramento CA 1970(Jul)-1975
  • SAN DIEGO UNION San Diego CA 1970(Jul)-1975
  • SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE San Francisco CA 1970(Jul)-1975
  • SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER San Francisco CA 1970(Jul)-1975
  • SAN JOSE MERCURY San Jose CA 1970(Jul)-1975
226 West Foothill Blvd
PO Box 10
Claremont CA 91711
Telephone: (714) 624-5212
AVAILABILITY:  All back issues of this published quarterly index are still available. Issues are sold on a "service basis" depending on the library book budget. Publication was suspended with the Oct-Dec 1975 issue (vol. 6 #2). A more limited version of the index was being considered.
SCOPE OF INDEX:  A selective index covering state, regional and local news in California and national news only as it relates directly to California. Excluded from coverage are minor crime, transitory local stories, society news, recipes and sports. The primary news sources in the index are the LOS ANGELES TIMES and the SACRAMENTO BEE. Within the scope of coverage, all significant state and regional news as well as selected local items are indexed from both of these papers. The San Francisco newspapers are indexed for San Francisco Bay Area news, as well as feature articles, opinion and other news on state affairs which is not duplicated in the two key papers. The San Diego and San Jose newspapers provide supplementary regional materials as well as selected references on state affairs. In addition to these six newspapers, the California News Index also provided coverage of seven California magazines (Cry California; California Journal; Los Angeles Magazine; Sunset; San Diego Magazine; San Francisco Magazine; and Westways).
FORMAT OF INDEX:  Printed 8½x11 inch pages, with three columns per page. Both subject and personal names are in one alphabetical list. Most personal name headings refer the user to a subject heading where the article entry will actually be found. Only very prominent persons will have entries listed under their own name. Each entry consists of the title, headline or brief annotation. The Citation gives the day, month, periodical code, section, page and column as appropriate. The entries are arranged in chronological order under each subject heading. There are special codes for editorials (EDIT), advertisements (ADVT), letters to the editor (LTR)...etc. NOTE: Earlier editions of this index featured a different arrangement than a single alphabetical order. It was divided into three sections: SUBJECT INDEX, NAME INDEX, and GEOGRAPHIC INDEX. In addition, the subject section was divided into 55 broad topical areas with a separate cross reference list to guide the user to the correct topic.
SIZE OF INDEX:  Estimate 5000 to 6000 entries per quarter.
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