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This report is extracted from the 1000 Section (Confirmed Newspaper Indexes) of the 1979-1980 Edition of LATHROP REPORT ON NEWSPAPER INDEXES: An illustrated guide to published and unpublished newspaper indexes in the United States and Canada.   Either a compiler, publisher or repository had confirmed the existance of this index and supplied information for the report. See the INTRODUCTION for the methodology used in compiling the LATHROP REPORT.

REPORT NO:  1249A Previous Report (1248A)  |  Next Report (1249B)
INDEX NAME:  An Index to Ann Arbor Newspapers
  • ANN ARBOR NEWS Ann Arbor MI 1976(Sep)-Current
  • ANN ARBOR OBSERVER Ann Arbor MI 1976(Jul)-Current
  • MICHIGAN DAILY Ann Arbor MI 1976(Sep)-Current
Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library
Ann Arbor MI 48109
Telephone: (313) 764-2389
AVAILABILITY:  A published microfiche index. Twelve issues are published each year, with the December issue a cumulation of the entire year. Monthly issues (Jan-Nov) cost $10 each. The cumulation (Dec) issue costs $100. A subscription to all twelve issues costs $200 per year. Copies of the index and the corresponding newspapers are available for public use in the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI).
SCOPE OF INDEX:  The scope of the index is decidedly local, emphasizing the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and Washtenaw County. Nearly all non-wire service articles are indexed. Included in the index are : Editorials, Letters to the editor, Crime news, Obituaries, Local government and politics, Reviews of local cultural events, Local history, Local business, Maps Housing information, Sports news (other than descriptions of athletic contests), and Human interest. With the exception of crime-related articles, the name of every person who is the subject of an article has been indexed. Personal names associated with a crime are not indexed unless the crime resulted in a death or the person is a public official or prominent area citizen. Excluded from the index are: Daily sports events, AP and UPI wire service articles, National syndicated columns; Birth, death, and engagement announcements; Meeting, exhibit, and program announcements (unless they include a description of the event); Reviews of recordings, films, and books; Cooking, Gardening, Advice and Helpful hint columns (unless they feature a local personality).
FORMAT OF INDEX:  This is a COM-generated index (Computer Output Microfilm). The microfiche are 4"x6" with a 24x reduction ratio. Text is arranged in a two-column format on each frame, with both subjects and personal names interfiled in the same alphabetical order. Each entry contains the headline, the size of the article (in column-centimeters), a list of every term (subject heading) used to describe that article in the index, and the citation (month, day, year, page, section, and code for newspaper). Special codes indicate illustrations, obituaries, letters to the editor, and editorials.
SIZE OF INDEX:  About 300 articles per week are indexed. A monthly index contains about 1400 entries.
Mark Wilson. "Automated indexing project for local newspapers", The University of Michigan Librarian,v 8, #14, Jan 27 1977, p 1-3.
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